IWG Inc. is a general contracting and consulting firm that was established in Iraq and United States of America after 2003. Our main services are engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), consultancy, and procurement.

We have offices in three continents where we develop our commercial network, serve our clients, and invest with confidence. Our engineering and construction services implemented by a staff of engineers and technicians whom we have trained to be equipped with the latest technologies and innovative tools. Our consultancy team include financial and risk assurance professionals who deliver research and points of view on emerging trends and regulatory changes, develop performance benchmarks, and share methodologies that address key business issues.

For the past years, we contracted with government and private entities. Our major government major clients are Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Planning, and Ministry of Electricity. In addition, our private sector clients are ExxonMobil-Iraq, FCEE, and Parsons Corporation. We have the experience to execute the projects our clients require. Whether private or public, we have proven treasured successful projects.  IWG delivers what its clients’ envisioned.

Be it EPC work, electro-mechanical work, testing or project commissioning, we have an extensive range of tools, equipment and plants.

The Vision

Our VISION at IWG Inc. is that we are firmly committed to building the infrastructure for a new and prosperous future. Our goal is to use our collective skills and ideas to establish new critical systems, structures and industries that make the future possible.