Authorized Representative & Distributor

Our Partners

IWG is Authorized Representative & Distributor in Iraq for companies that contribute to the world economy. We are also keen to develop good relationships through continuous visits and orders with our professional & prestigious suppliers.
The companies that we partnered with provide services and products that different industries rely on. We are representatives of high-tech and internationally recognized suppliers of:

• Technology & Automation Solutions
• Controlled Drives
• LV & HV Motors
• Pumps
• LV & MV Switchgears
• Dry Type, Oil Distribution, & Cast Resin Transformers
• Aluminum & Steel Vessels

The products range that we provide serve oil and gas industry, manufacturing facilities, petrochemicals plants, and power generation facilities.

IWG is a capable of providing products from World Class Suppliers. Through our procurement and EPC projects, we supplied our clients the products from a world class and industry-leading suppliers. The suppliers are a glob trusted. We have the knowledge of placing orders, providing technical and commercial consultation, visas and trainings facilitation, and handling shipments. Our teams in Europe and USA serve as a beacon to our clients, provide the guidance and recognition of opportunities, and building trust bridges with potential suppliers.