Al MODAINA AND SHAHEED SHMKHY are TWO 148 ft. Single Point Mooring (SPM) Support and Maintenance Vessels.

Project Description

Client:  Ministry of Oil-South Oil Company/Swiftships LLC.
Location:  Basra, Iraq/Louisiana, United States of America
Dimensions:148 ft.
Duration:  2013- 2015
Services:  Government Relations, Shipbuilding.

Brief Scope

Swiftships LLC. , a specialized U.S shipbuilding firm, signed a contract with Iraq Ministry of Oil, South Oil Company (SOC) to design, build, and deliver (2) 148 feet Single Point Mooring (SPM) steel support and maintenance vessels. Swiftships’ team of experienced engineers, naval architects, and craftsmen provide the uncompromised quality and an innovative design throughout this project. IWG and SOC representatives are residents at the shipyard. They supervise the daily processes, conduct weekly meetings with the project manager and deputy project manager, provide periodic reports to SOC and IWG. Furthermore, IWG senior staff in USA office conduct periodic visits to the shipyard to follow up with the work progress. IWG experts were available at the shipyard during millstone activities, such as designs approvals, installation of main engines, gears, and generators by Caterpillar, construction of the hull, and installation of electrical cabling and auxiliary systems. The purpose of these two vessels is to provide regular maintenance and support to Iraq’s Single Point Mooring (SPMs) offshore in order to increase Iraq’s capacity in crude oil exports.