Project Description

Client:Parsons Corporation
Location: Baghdad, Iraq
Duration: 2006-2007
Services: EPC, Procurement
Area: 40,000 m3

Brief Scope

The most fundamental building block for any civilization is a source of clean, drinkable water. The water treatment facility was built using IWG parts, labor and know-how. Our engineers designed the installation of pumping 40,000 cubic meters of pure water, supplying the needs of thousands. We provided most of the electrical and mechanical equipment to the site, and supervised this project from its earliest phases. We provided most of the electrical instruments, PLC panels, MCC panels, transformers, HT switchgears, HT generators and mechanical equipment to the site such as GRP pipes, motorized valves, filters, submersible pumps, and reciprocating pumps. IWG also programmed the control system using SCADA software. Working with the Parson Corporation, this undertaking represents the largest of its kind in all of Iraq.