Project Description

Client: Future Network
Location: Sulimaniyah, Iraq
Duration: 2008-2010
Services: EPC, Procurement
Area: 6,000 m2

Brief Scope

IWG designed and built the most innovative and technologically savvy cable broad casting system in the Middle East. Relying on our extensive background in electrical, computer, and civil engineering, we developed the first piece of modern television and satellite communications in Iraq.

Overlooking the rugged landscape of the northern mountains, this broadcast and satellite channel constructed on a 6,000 mwould include six full studios to create and develop original content. Featuring the latest cutting-edge satellite technology, IWG designed a facility that shines alongside the new media giants in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. The studios were furnished with a complete broadcasting and studio systems including, HD studio camera system, digital video switcher, character generator and graphic, sync pulse gen., TBC/Frame synchronizer, audio equipment, intercom system, soundproof walls, SNG, and flyway SNG.